Monday, 5 January 2015

Add a forum on your blogger with Nabble

Which means you want to put a forum / bulletins board on your Blogger/blogspot blog. A chatbox, shoutbox or comment widget in a sidebar just doesn’t cut it, you want a actual forum, for free. You heard that it can not be done.

Well it can be done really, with Nabble embeddable forum. Here is a step by step guide to create your real forum a reality:

Create a forum

  • Go to and register.
  • Select Start a Free Forum.
  • Enter your forum name inside and click Create Forum.
  • Click Yes, create sample sub-forums button.
  • To add a sub-forum go to Options > Structure > Create a new sub-forum.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the results, click Embedding Options link on top right corner.
  • You will see a simple code in a text box, similar to the sample below.

<a id="nabblelink" href="">Bloggeril Forum</a>
<script src=></script>
Copy the code.

Embed the forum in a page

  1. Go to Edit Posts > Edit Pages and click New Page button to create a new page.
  2. Switch to HTML mode and paste in the forum code.
  3. Click Publish. That’s it your forum is installed.
  4. Now, view your page. You should see the forum added to the page. It will look something like this:

Personalize the appearance of your forum page

I must agree looking at screenshot, it is absolutely nothing to brag about. You probably want you could remove all the unnecessary things from the page and make the discussion board fill up the entire blog width.
Nicely, wish granted, provided you the actual instructions in Apply different layout/styling to static pages. When you are done with that, your forum web page might as well look something like this:

Discussion board features

  • The forum comes with all of the features similar to any other forums.
  • Visitors will browse, search, post, as well as navigate without ever leaving your own page. The same applies to forum servicing.

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