Friday, 18 July 2014

How to Backup or Restore Your Blogger Template

Will you make changes in your blogger blog theme or going to include some extra HTML, CSS or JavaScript code to add more performance to your blog? If yes, then await a minute. If you don’t want any theme crash during customization, you should definitely create a backup of your template in your PC. Through storing a backup file, you can go back to original template if there is any screw up with your blog template during tinker using the code. It will also prevent you from losing all your effort and precious time which you denote to design your own blogger template. If, by mistake, you do something wrong with your template during create changes, then you will be able to go back in the previous phase easily. Now you are clear with the need for keeping a backup file. So , allow see how to backup and restore theme in blogger new interface.

Note: Usually make a habit of taking a up-to-date back-up your blog template if you are planning to do editing inside it.

Backup Blogger Template

  1. Open your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Point to your blog menu and select template.

3. After landing on Template web page, you will see a Backup/Restore button located in the upper right corner of the screen. Click that button.

4. When you will push this button then a popup will appear to have to click on Orange button saying  ” Download Full Template ” as displaying in the below screenshot.

5. Click on ” Save File ” and you are carried out . :D

After following all the above actions, you can easily get the backup of your blogger theme. After all this, you need to be sure that you have positioned your template backup in a safe put in place your computer so that you can find it when you will need because of its backup.

How to Restore Old Blogger Theme

If anything goes wrong when you are modifying your template and you've back it up currently, all you have to do is to restore your blog design from the backup. Also, there are times when the need to improve your blog template to a better one occurs, once you have the downloaded copy of the brand new template, you can easily upload it for software to your blog in short time.

Restoring the blogger template is also a very quick and easy work. Let see how to do it.

  1. Repeat step #1 to #3 that you did while using back up your template.
  2. Click on Choose File button.
  3. Select your backup file through the location where you have kept it.

Suggestion: It will be an .XML file

Final Words…

Creating backup of your blogger template is really easy. You only need to follow all the actions correctly. Hope you understand clearly that how you can backup or restore your blogger theme easily. If you have any question or recommendation then feel free to leave your opinion below. I’ll be reply to your opinion as soon as it possible. Happy Blogging: M

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

Today I am going to discuss how to publish blogger sitemap to GOOGLE Webmaster Tools. This is the 2nd and most essential step. In the beginning, I will inform you of blogger sitemap and its significance.

What is a sitemap?

A Sitemap is a XML file which lists the actual URLs for any site. This allows website owners to include more info about every URL: with regards to final update, exactly how often this changes, and just how important it really is in relation to some other URLs within the site. This enables search engines in order to crawl the website more intelligently.

(Source: Wikipedia – The Totally free Encyclopedia)

The reason why it is important to publish sitemap to Search engines?

Sitemap allows you to inform search engines regarding pages on the blog that are offered for moving. This is especially more good for blogs wherever some webpages are not accessible through the browser interface. Therefore if a few of your articles are not listed by Search engines means these posts don’t appear in Google search, submitting a suitable sitemap may resolve this problem.

How do you create a blogger sitemap for your weblog?

Don’t worry it is currently there. Within Blogger, your site feed is the sitemap. You will get it through below 2 URLs.

How can you submit the sitemap?

  1. Simply go to Google Webmasters Tools homepage and sign in along with same Google account that you are using for your blogger weblog.
  2. Click on your blog name to the blog’s Dashboard.
  3. Navigate in order to  Crawl >  Sitemaps and click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP button.
  4. One input package will appear, enter atom. xml, appending the necessary parameters after which click Submit Sitemap switch.

Parameter Details

  • redirect=false: if you are using FeedBurner to manage your site feed, you might had set redirection associated with feed to FeedBurner. You need to stop redirection to work sitemap properly.

  • max-results: The arrears feed ULR fetched only 25 most recent post. Add this parameter to allow a lot more than 25 posts.

  • start-index: Start indexing through

  • start-index=1&max-results=500: allows you to index maximum 500 articles per feed.

  • start-index=500&max-results=1000: If you have more than five hundred posts then add one more sitemap.

So your sitemap URL are

atom. xml? redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 (If you have up to 500 posts)

atom. xml? redirect=false&start-index=500&max-results=1000 (If you have more than 500 as well as less than 1000 posts)

Your projects is done. Google will take few hours in order to approve your submission. This was the step-by-step guide on how to add blogger sitemap on the internet Webmaster Tools. I hope you have enjoyed this particular post and I would like to thank you for reading this article.
 Now its your turn to share your own views, suggestion or place any predicament, I will try my best to sort this out. Also don’t forget to share this. You may also like us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Remove Dead (Broken) Links from Google Search

We occasionally perform a site look for Blogger Sentral to check whether or not my brand new entries tend to be properly listed by Search engines. How do I perform a site lookup? Easy, that you can do it as well, just kind this on the internet search package.

site: yourblogurl

Google will certainly search your site and then screen all your weblog or website indexed webpages.
Last week I notice a 2 dead/broken hyperlinks showed up within the search results web page. They are associated with posts I have already removed.

I clicked on on them, which came out. So that they are certainly dead hyperlinks.
page will not exist

I believed I have to eliminate this search engine results from Search engines SERP (search engine outcome pages), otherwise it will irritate my possible readers when they were in order to click on the hyperlinks. But how can i do that? Okay… as always We answer my very own questions here…

It’s such as this:

1. Go to Search engines webpage elimination request tool page as well as sign in for your Google accounts.

There exists a new WEB ADDRESS removal device, with approximately a similar user interface. It can be utilized via Website owner Tools  >  YOUR WEBSITE >  Google Catalog >  Remove Web addresses.

2. Click "Create a New Removal Request" switch. webpage elimination tool

3. The actual URL of the actual page you would like to remove. To avoid mistakes I actually do this through copying the hyperlink from Search engines search outcome itself, as well as paste this into the textual content box.

4. Mark the“The page returns a 404/410…” checkbox and click on Submit Demand button.
search engines remove web address reason

5. The actual URL a person requested is going to be listed, along with “Pending” position. google web address removal position

6. Google will require a few days to perform the work for you personally. After elimination the position will change in order to “Removed”. search engines url position removed

7. As soon as “Removed”, that you can do a site lookup again to verify if the lifeless link had been indeed taken off Google SERP.

8. You can get back again the eliminated url through clicking “Reinclude” button.

Take pleasure in!

For more information with this you can go to How you can remove content material from Search engines search outcome page through Google Website owners Help.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

How To Change Blogger Template?

Once i start running a blog on tumblr, I used to operate my weblog on blogger’s default themes. But when i started studying more regarding blogging Personally i think that arrears templates aren't so much appealing and expert. They are actually not internet search engine optimized simply because they all had been designed several years ago as well as don’t actually updated just one time next. Search engines like Google offers
updated the search algorithms many times plus they are continuously upgrading to improve search engine results and user’s experience. That is why it is crucial for us like a blogger that people used the SEO pleasant template for the blog. We ought to change our own blog’s arrears theme along with any 3rd party templates. That is why these days I provide a guide to help beginner bloggers to enable them to learn how to modify template within blogger.

Change Blogger Theme

To change your site template very first you need to down load a theme from web which you wish to apply to your site. There are many causes of blogger theme on the internet through where you can obtain lot of expert templates very easily for free. Simply go to Search engines and look for “Blogger Templates” and down load a theme of your option. Once you have your own template, carry out below actions.

  1. Log in for your Blogger accounts.
  2. Now click the drop down menus and select Template.

3. Press Backup/Restore switch located at the very top right part.
backup recover button

4. Very first you should down load your current template like a backup. Therefore click on “Download full template” button.

5. Right now click on Choose File switch and select your new theme which you wish to apply to your site.
choose theme

6. Once you choose your theme, simply click upon "Upload" switch for last step.

7. You ARE done!

This was the actual today’s guide on how to modify blogger theme. Hope a person guys such as this. Please keep your remarks and suggestions below this particular post. Pleased Blogging!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Steps to start a new blog

The phrase "blog" originates from two terms - internet and record (web log). It is a diary where your thinking and views are documented, just like the paper-based journal, although with three unique differences (that I could believe of);

  • It really is published on the web rather than in writing.
  • It is open up for general public to read (this is optional).
  • It is online –readers may leave remarks and you can solution them.
  • To begin a weblog is easy, also it can be done free of charge.
  • Steps in beginning a weblog:

1.Find a running a blog provider. There are lots of blog companies available, many of them complete with theme. Two from the more popular types are Tumblr and Wp. lf utilizes Blogger (recognized by the. blogspot extension).

2.Register with the 1 you like. With regard to Blogger the actual step by step sign-up process is actually explained right here.

3.You may not such as the default themes, but proceed with the sign-up. The theme can be transformed later if you would like. There are lots of websites offering totally free templates..

4.The very first thing to do right after sign-up would be to write as well as publish your own first article. The purpose is perfect for you to understand the technicians of modifying, previewing, posting etc . Therefore don’t believe too much concerning this first article, just create something as well as publish. You are able to delete later on if you do not like it.

5.Determine if you want to maintain your blog personal or open up it in order to public. You are able to set this particular in Dashboard> Settings.

6.Following a few posts and good tuning your site, you want to distribute the word -tell your co-workers and buddies about it, provide them with the WEB ADDRESS (your weblog internet address). Ask them to keep comments or even suggestions.

7.Continue posting upon regular foundation, at the same time check out other weblogs, learn from all of them. Write the comment before leaving and do not forget to place your blog WEB ADDRESS too.